Malcom is Missing for CBC Documentary Channel, Spring 2022

October 2018, Brooke Mullins packed a light bag and flew to Mexico. It was not for a vacation.  Five days earlier, she'd received word that her father, Malcom, was missing. With only an uneasy feeling that something was wrong, Brooke went looking for him.  What Mexican police had overlooked took her only a few days to discover--evidence her father had been murdered. The wealth of incriminating evidence included several minutes of grainy, “smoking gun” video showing her father being drugged and led staggering from the bar. As well, on the night he disappeared, the GPS tracker on Malcom's car charts a stop-and-go course through a remote part of the jungle location that took hours to complete. Brooke turned everything over to the Mexican police and believed her amateur sleuthing days were done. But two years and $200,000 later, the story is still not over. Determined to find her father's remains and see his killers tried for murder, Brooke is taking on the famously corrupt Mexican justice system--a risky, dangerous long shot for anyone, let alone the slightly built, 42-year-old single mother of two from Port Hope, Ontario.

Malcom is Missing follows Brooke Mullins' improbable quest to bring her father's killers to trial. The documentary both looks back upon Brooke's journey—her measured successes and crushing setbacks-- and follows her forward as she continues to fight a corrupt and threatening justice system. In the telling, the documentary also becomes a fascinating character study, a deep look at Brooke and the obsession that is forcing her to come to terms with her charismatic father, while taking a painful toll on her and those who would try to protect her.  All this unfolds in a race against time. Having pressured local police into arresting her father's ex-girlfriend and alleged murderer, Brooke has learned that, without the body, Marcella Ramos may soon walk free.